"A Wisconsin born and bred player:" Vince Biegel says playing for the Badgers is a dream come true

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Through all the ups and downs, the Wisconsin Badgers are right where they want to be: playing for a Big Ten Championship! The same goes for Vince Biegel. The young man with enough talent to get a football scholarship anywhere is glad he decided to play for the home state team.

"Every week my confidence keeps building. I keep preparing myself, keep studying those extra hours of tape -- and I think it's really paying off on those Saturdays like you've been seeing," Biegel said.

Biegel is a 6'4" 244-pound red shirt sophomore. He has become a beast at outside linebacker.

As a first-year full-time starter, Biegel has had a banner season for one of the best defenses in the country. #47 seems destined for greatness.

"That is Vinny's goal, and that is our goal for Vinny as a coaching staff. He's moving in that direction and the competitiveness in that kid to be a great player -- he is unbelievably driven and we need him to be. He needs to be a special player in the Big Ten. That's why he came to Wisconsin," Biegel said.

Coming out of high school at Wisconsin Rapids, Biegel was heavily and highly recruited, but he spurned all the out-of-state offers because he wanted to stay at home and play in front of family and friends. He especially wanted to play for the University of Wisconsin Badgers.

"That's right. I'm a Wisconsin born and bred player. I'm very fortunate, very blessed to be making these plays for our defense and that is something that I always dreamed upon. You gotta give it to the Lord on this one," Biegel said.

Wisconsin born and bred means having a hard work ethic. Biegel doesn't plan on wasting his God-given gifts.

"At the end of the day, you gotta do what you have with those talents. That's why I picked Wisconsin because I knew there'd be coaches like Coach Anderson and the rest of the staff here to put me in the right spot at the right time. I consider myself a vocal leader on this defense. I think that's why I want to be a leader on this team and a play-maker and I expect that for myself," Biegel said.

Back in the day, a mercurial linebacker named Brian Bosworth starred for Oklahoma -- gaining fame and notoriety for his flamboyant personality.

"I would be lying if Bos is a guy I looked up to when I was a young kid. He's a high-energy, high-motor guy and that's something I like to mirror myself in my performance," Biegel said.

Bosworth was known for his wild haircut. Biegel has a unique look too, but for a great cause.

"The crazy haircut is for Children's Hospital, so I'm gonna have fun with that until I have to cut my hair," Biegel said.

Biegel is a role model who hasn't forgotten where he came from.

"I love going back to my hometown of Wisconsin Rapids -- giving back tot he elementaries -- going back and seeing kids, shaking people's hands, and going back to my high school. I'll continue to be a leader and a good person on and off the field," Biegel said.

The Wisconsin Badgers take on Ohio State University on Saturday, December 6th in the Big Ten Championship game. You can watch that game on FOX6! Our Tom Pipines will be reporting from Indiana starting Thursday!