A whirlwind of emotions as Packers fans watch the team struggle early on in home opener

GREEN BAY (WITI) -- The Green Bay Packers were able to pull out a win over the New York Jets on Sunday, September 14th, but it wasn't easy for fans to sit back and enjoy the home opener. The Packers lost their first game of the season last week to the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks, and game two wasn't looking much more promising, but the mood changed as the game went on.

For much of the first half of Sunday's game, fans were concerned with the Packers' slow start, but were still happy to spend the day with their football friends. By sunset, they had even more reasons to smile.

After a disappointing Thursday night debut vs. the Seahawks, regulars like Bob and Diane Goldschmidt had high hopes for the home opener Sunday.

"Ohhh it`s such a long season without them. It`s great to have them back," Goldschmidt said.

"I love Sunday afternoons. It`s the best day of the week to watch football and I wish every game was on Sunday -- but I love watching it Thursdays, Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays," Mike Eggers said.

At first, there wasn't much to celebrate. While fans still enjoyed an afternoon with old friends, the early smiles disappeared as the Jets raced out to an early lead.

"It`d be more exciting if we were winning. We need a little extra to get going here," Maryellen Wills said.

Just before the half, the Pack began to mount its comeback. The fans wanted more cowbell -- and the green and gold gave them plenty of it.

"I`m feeling a whole lot better now than I was in the early part of the game," one fan said.

By the end of the afternoon, the fans had reason to celebrate. The return of Packers Sundays -- and a victory to savor with their fellow pigskin patrons.

There were high-fives and green shots. It had been too long, and these fans wanted more.

The staff at Taylor and Dunn's in Mequon said this was an average Sunday. It was a home game, so some fans made the trek to Lambeau Field, and the weather was nice enough for other fans to stay home and grill out.

Staff members say the biggest crowds are for Sunday afternoon road games when the weather isn't the best.

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