'A good connection:' New Brewers pitching coach has ties to several of the team's hurlers

MARYVALE, Ariz. -- There are some new faces at Milwaukee Brewers spring training this season, including their pitching coach Chris Hook. But for the guys in the clubhouse and the ones he is working with, they've known him for quite a while.

"I had him as my AA pitching coach, so I've known him probably the past five years or so," said Brewers pitcher Jacob Barnes. "I love it. We had a good connection when I was down there -- and over the years, we kept in contact and he knows how to keep it simple with the guys."

Brewers pitching coach Chris Hook

"There's a good relationship with a lot of the guys here that know him and even (Steve) Karsay, I think their philosophies are really well and simple and I think that when it comes down to it, that's the goal -- is keeping it simple," said Brewers reliever Josh Hader.

"Since I've got here, it's been feet to the ground and ready to work and I enjoy that. I enjoy work," said Brewers pitcher Josh Tomlin.

Six weeks of working together will be one of the steps. After that, it's the games where the next step will be taken for Chris Hook with this staff.