'A generation thing:' 12 relatives make up Mountain Top Christian Academy basketball teams

MILWAUKEE -- Successful teams usually have very good chemistry. It's something that normally takes a while to build. That isn't a problem at Mountain Top Christian Academy.

When the Mountain Top Christian Academy basketball teams are on the court, it's clearly a numbers game -- from the reps at practice to the players involved. Dustin Beauprey, a sophomore on the varsity team, carries a big number -- nearly 40 points a game.

Dustin Beauprey

Dustin Beauprey's school in Horicon has a small number -- only about 50 students from first through 12th grades.

The number 12 represents some of the basketball program at the school, and they all have another connection -- they're all Beaupreys.

"We all pretty much make up the team," said Dustin Beauprey.

There are siblings and cousins spread out through different grade levels. Dustin's sister, Miranda, is a senior on the varsity basketball team.

"It's just a generational thing. We all just like to play it. We start when we're younger and just learn to love it," said Miranda Beauprey.

Beauprey family

Rayanna Beauprey

Rayanna Beauprey is an eighth grader who -- yes -- also plays basketball.

This current generation of Beaupreys is number three. Their grandfather, John Beauprey, is the pastor of the church and the one who brought the church and school to Horicon.

"It's the vision from the beginning. I wanted to start a church and then I wanted to start a school," said John Beauprey.

John Beauprey

The vision clearly included basketball as well. Generations one and two also enjoyed the game.

John Beauprey

"I played basketball. My sons played basketball. Now my grandsons playing basketball. Plus, my granddaughters play basketball," said John Beauprey.

"We pretty much all make up the team. There's only like, three or four of us that aren't family that are on the team, but they're pretty much family because we grew up with them anyway," said Dustin Beauprey.

"Sometimes I just glance over and he just sits there with the biggest smile on his face. He looks so proud that they're out there playing," said Jenny Beauprey.

Jenny Beauprey, the pastor's daughter-in-law, is the mother of four current players. She's also a teacher at the school and has seen how the joy and success is helping build the numbers in school and on the court.

"A lot of them came because of the basketball teams in the past," said Jenny Beauprey.

Miranda Beauprey

Miranda Beauprey

"There's more than just our family," said Miranda Beauprey. "By us keeping on showing it, it shows that other people can come in and they can learn from what we have here and grow out of it."

The number of trophies filling the trophy case keeps growing as well. It's spread to a couple of shelves.

Eighth-grader Elijah's number comes from beyond the arc. Junior Daniel Ehley, a cousin and teammate of Dustin's number is one -- for family.

"They know what you're going through in the court. If something happens on the court, they're not screaming at you. They know what's going on," said Daniel Ehley.

"We're all a lot closer than most other teams. We see each other a lot more and it brings us closer on the court too," said Dustin Beauprey.

"We're always together. We're always up here. We're always practicing. Sometimes we argue about things, but then we just get past it. Sometimes we get mad, but at the end of the day, we're all happy," said Miranda Beauprey.

The happiness and hoops will continue, and you have to believe the number 12 will also continue to include a number of Beaupreys on the rosters.

The Mountain Top boys are second in their conference, led by Dustin Beauprey --  second in the state in scoring average and first in rebounds per game.

The girls are third in the Indian Trails Blue Conference with Miranda Beauprey leading the league in scoring -- second in rebounding.