8 down, 4 to go: George Webb ready to honor its '12 in a row' prediction!

MILWAUKEE -- In case you hadn't noticed, the Milwaukee Brewers have an eight-game winning streak going -- as they head into Chicago to take on the Cubs.

Now, George Webb is preparing to honor its famous “12 in a Row” prediction, which means free hamburgers for all of the hungry, hometown fans.

The “12 in a Row” promotion unofficially began in the 1940s, then was formalized in 1965 when owners painted the prediction on restaurant walls and advertised in local papers. As legend goes, George Webb boldly stated that once the hometown team won 12 games in a row, he would serve free hamburgers.

In 1987, the Crew surpassed that number with a 13-game winning streak and as a result, George Webb handed out almost 170,000 free hamburgers.


To meet the demand, George Webb ordered more than 25,000 pounds of ground beef and went through about 2,868 pounds of onions in addition to 367,180 slices of pickles. While it’s been over 30 years since the first and only hamburger giveaway, George Webb has confidence in this year’s team.

Ryan Stamm, vice president of George Webb Restaurants, issued the following statement in a news release:

"We’re only four games away from rewarding the best fans in baseball with free hamburgers and know the team has what it takes to reach that elusive twelfth win. As long-time supporters, everyone at George Webb will be cheering even harder these next few games and looks forward to celebrating with the rest of the fans."