$143 million construction project in full swing at Lambeau Field

GREEN BAY -- The $143 million construction and renovation project at Lambeau Field is in full swing, and as the stadium continues to grow, people are starting to notice some of the big changes.

A new scoreboard and high-definition video monitor, taller than a 19-story building will tower 232 feet into the air on the north end of Lambeau Field.

Four tiers of seats will accommodate 6,700 more fans in the south end zone, and a matching scoreboard and big screen will complete the updates.

The big screen monitors will measure more than 100-feet across. Fans who live in just the right spot may be treated to highlights of the action. It's a project that has turned Lambeau Field into its own type of skyline.

"You'll be able to see a little bit more of what's going on inside the stadium. I think that just adds to the electricity of the stadium. I think everyone's appreciative of the height of it, and it's definitely going to be adding to the landscape here at Lambeau Field,"

Fans can even catch the game while they fill up for gas.

The scoreboards and video screens will be ready for the upcoming Packers season, and the seating in the south end zone should be ready by 2013.