1-on-1 with Donald Driver after Packers player tests positive for COVID-19

The Green Bay Packers had their first player test positive for the coronavirus since august. the team is now following guidelines of intensive protocol.

FOX6's Lily Zhao went one-on-one with Packers all-time leading receiver, Donald Driver, to discuss how the team is handling the news and if they could make a move with the trade deadline looming.

Lily Zhao: Well not the news you want to start off a short week with. AJ Dillon testing positive for the Packers, so now they’re doing virtual meetings today. Give me your thoughts on what’s been happening from 1265 Lombardi Avenue. 

Donald Driver: It’s been crazy. I saw the news that AJ had tested positive, and I think now they have to do the protocol to make sure that they follow the guidelines to be able to move forward, and make sure that none of those other guys test positive. If not, you gotta make sure you have your weapons to play come Thursday night. 

Lily Zhao: Well from all indications, Matt LaFleur said we’re full steam ahead, we’re all prepping for the Niners. When you’re looking at this game though, this team is very depleted in terms of San Francisco. Jimmy Garoppolo is not playing, George Kittle is not playing, a lot of other guys are not playing, so is this a game where even on a short week, you say the Packers have to win this one? 

Donald Driver: Well I think the Packers have never lost back-to-back games under Matt LaFleur, so I think this is a tough one because they’re coming off a tough loss against the Vikings. At the end of the day, they have to go out there and play their style of football. Regardless of what the records stand, as you know, this is going to be a game that is going to be a battle. The 49ers are not just going to come in and lay down for them. The Packers have to play their game and if they do that well, they’ll win. 

Lily Zhao: When you’re looking at what happening tomorrow with the NFL trade deadline, I know there’s a lot of noise of people wanting Brian Gutekunst and the Packers to bring in a wide receiver. Do you think they make any moves at all and on top of that, instead of going wide receiver or the offensive route, they maybe look on the defensive side of the football?

Donald Driver: You know I’ve always said this, is that when you play 14 years for one organization, you kinda know the ins and outs of them. They’re going to build from in-house. They’re not going to go out and get someone. I think the young receiver group has to step up. Take the pressure off Davante Adams. Whoever wants to do that, has to do it now because if not, next year there’s going to be some changes in that locker room, and we know that. On the defensive side of the ball, those guys are stepping up and playing. I think everyone wants to see some change happen, but what the Green Bay Packers have always done is build in-house, and they’re not going to change anything.