'1 of our biggest supporters:' Barber keeps Bucks' execs looking fresh at Gee's Clippers

Gee's Clippers

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Bucks fans were pumped ahead of Game 5 Thursday night, May 23, hoping the team would break the 2-2 tie against the Toronto Raptors in the Eastern Conference Finals.

If you think the Bucks had a lot of buzz this season, you should stop by Gee's Clippers -- a basketball-themed barbershop in Milwaukee's Bronzeville neighborhood.

"It's clutch time right now. It's really kinda tight," said Demetrius Green, Bucks fan.

The Bucks faithful go to Gee's Clippers for a haircut and a chance to see some of the team's owners and players.

Gee's Clippers

Gee's Clippers

Gaulien "Gee" Smith

"I've been a true Bucks fan since I've been old enough to really understand what's going on in basketball," said Gaulien “Gee” Smith, owner of Gee’s Clippers.

Through ups and downs, Smith stayed true to his team. A season ticket-holder for nearly two decades, he's also the team's barber.

"For me personally, I cut a majority of the executives, like Dave Dean, Peter Feigin, Alex Lasry," Smith said.

Alex Lasry, right

In fact, Alex Lasry, Milwaukee Bucks VP is one of many people who stopped in Thursday for a pre-game trim.

"He's always been one of our biggest supporters and our biggest fans," said Lasry.

Alex Lasry

The pros feel right at home at Gee's Clippers, where jerseys line the walls and there's a whole court under their feet. On Thursday, there were also lots of prayers that the Bucks would come alive in Game 5.

"We have to win this one," said Lasry. "To go back on the road with a chance to clinch would be huge."

Just like the Bucks, Gee's Clippers got some national attention too. When FOX6 News stopped by Thursday, ESPN did as well -- scouting locations for live broadcasts when, not if the Bucks would win Game 5.

Gee's Clippers