What's stopping you from eating waffles all day long? Ways to make them for every meal

MILWAUKEE -- Who says waffles are just for breakfast? You could eat them for lunch, dinner and dessert too! Chef Matt Kerley, the culinary director for Stand. Eat. Drink. Hospitality Group joins Real Milwaukee to talk all things waffles.

Breakfast waffle sandwich
Fun way to make an egg sandwich: Take a traditional waffle, layer it with bacon, fried egg, and sliced cheddar cheese. Dust in powder sugar, and serve with a side of blueberry-maple syrup.

For blueberry syrup, warm 2 cups maple syrup with 1 cup fresh blueberries. Once warmed, let steep for 20 minutes. Then puree with hand blender and strain out pulp.

Leftovers Waffle
A unique way to work in leftovers from the fridge: Cauliflower, potato, and broccoli waffles, pulled chicken meat, arugula salad-Inspired by bangers and mash, use a mashed vegetable or starch such as potatoes or cauliflower. Make a mash and fold in whipped egg and a little milk until thick batter. Make sure to Use nonstick spray!

    *whip egg, whisk in milk, then add to potatoes. Chop all vegetables and fold in to potato mix with herbs and garlic. Cook in waffle iron until golden and warmed through. take leftover salad greens, dress with olive oil and salt, then place on plate. Rest warm waffle over salad.
    Heat up leftover chicken in a little jus with a touch of butter. once warm, place chicken over waffle and ladle jus over dish to sauce the plate.

    Churro Waffles
    -To celebrate the Churro Shop at Movida, here are churro waffles! Handy if you want churros, but don`t have a fryer.

      Bring water, sugar and butter to a simmer, then whisk in sifted flour and baking powder. Once cohesive, let rest for 5 minutes, then slowly work in egg and cinnamon sugar mix. Plate with powdered sugar, dulche de leche, and warm chocolate sauce.