Substance abuse: Warning signs that something might be going on with your child

MILWAUKEE -- Did you know 60 percent of high schoolers and 32 percent of middle schoolers say students keep, use or sell drugs at school? Dr. Amy Kuechler, a psychologist at Rogers Memorial Hospital, joins Real Milwaukee with some signs your kids may be using and abusing drugs.

'Warning Signs' that something might be going on with your adolescent child

• avoiding family
• avoiding long-term friends, associating with a new group of friends

Changes in Mood
• increased irritability
• mood swings
• over reaction to simple situations or feedback
• aggressive behavior
• loss of interest in once pleasurable activities

Challenging Authority
• disrespectful towards family
• argumentative, defiant or talks back to family, friends, and authority
• refusal to follow household rules, including breaking curfew
• getting in trouble with the law

Poor Judgement
• lying about whereabouts
• engaging in risky situations
• change in grades, skipping classes
• valuable items are missing or stolen
• secretive or suspicious behaviors
Physical Signs
• decreased concentration, attention, and memory abilities
• changes in appetite, changes in weight