Styling your hair: Some natural, no-heat styles that are on trend

MILWAUKEE -- Heating tools like blow dyers and flat irons put a lot of stress on hair. Combined with the summer sun -- it can do some real damage. Jonelle Todd from Supercuts joins Real Milwaukee to explain why no heat is no problem.

Reasons to avoid using heating tools during the summer:
• Heating tools cause damage. The sun makes things even worse.
• If you need heat, use a heat-protectant to minimize damage.
• Use a 'no heat' hairstyle whenever possible.
• Play to your hair type. If you`re naturally curly, bring out the curls. If you have straight hair, don`t try curls.

Night before style:
• Wash your hair the night before and put it into braids.
• Before you put in the braids, add texture spray to damp hair to add hold as it dries.
• Take the braids out the next day. You can add more texture spray if you like. You`ll end up with nice, natural waves.
• Works best for someone with natural curls.

Short hair no-heat style:
• Put hair in a ponytail. Then, put head down and started braiding from the bottom.
• Braid until you get to the ponytail.
• Take out a small section and braid that and wrap it around the ponytail and clip it from the bottom.
• The braid will keep the hair off your neck when it`s hot.

Don't forget to protect your scalp!
• If you`re going to be outside, use products that have UV protection.
• Leave-in conditioner is also key and a lot have that UV protection.
• Just like if you sit out in the sun and your skin dries out, your hair can dry out, too.
• If you'll be in the sun for long periods of time, wear a hat.