Simple and spicy: A soup you'll want to spoon up as soon as possible

MILWAUKEE -- Did you get an instant pot for Christmas and have no clue what you're doing? Heather Ferber with Better Health by Heather joins Real Milwaukee with her tips to get started -- and a tasty recipe to try.

Buffalo Chicken Cauliflower Soup

    1. Turn instant pot to sauté function (300 degree F custom) and set time for 10 minutes. Press start if necessary
    2. Melt the butter in a 6-8 quart cooker. Add the onion, celery, and cauliflower and cook, stirring often, until the onions soften. Add the chicken and beans and stir well until the pieces are coated in butter. Turn off the sauté function.
    3. Mix in the hot sauce, tamari, and garlic powder and blend until everything is well coated. Pour in the broth and stir well. Lock the lid onto the pot.
    4. Set the machine on 'manual' with the valve closed and set the timer for 7 minutes with the keep warm setting off. Press start if necessary.
    5. Carefully use the quick release method to bring pot`s pressure back to normal. Unlatch the lid and open the pot. Allow to cool for just a bit.
    6. In a food processor blend the cream, cream cheese and 2 cups of broth and process until smooth. Add the cream mixture into the pot and whisk well. Serve immediately. Top with avocado, blue cheese crumbles or scallions if desired.