Say goodbye to cracked, dry skin: The secret soap ingredient that will leave your skin soft and smooth

The soap you're using every day might actually be drying out your skin. But there could be a secret to getting it smooth and healthy for food -- goat milk! Elizabeth Saners of Horse ‘O Peace Ranch joins Real Milwaukee to tell us about goat milk soaps and how you can make your own at home.

About Elizabeth Sanders

Elizabeth Sanders is a Wisconsin native and founder of She turned her hobby of making natural goat milk soap into a thriving business when she was pursuing an Amish-like life in Northern Wisconsin wearing head covering and long homemade dresses. Her Healthy Pets line is skincare specifically designed for pet needs.

Elizabeth began making goat milk soap when she was a horse trainer working outdoors in wintry Wisconsin, where her fingers would dry out, crack and also bleed. When she began making her goat milk soaps her hands healed and stayed moist, so those formulations are at the heart of her goat milk soap line today. Her soaps don`t contain chemicals or toxins and are all-natural, unlike typical store bought brands that contain a variety of chemicals.