Reduce your risk of getting cancer, heart disease and more simply by eating

MILWAUKEE -- Trying to eat less of the "bad foods?" Maybe you should switch your focus to eating more of the good. Lisa Grudzielanek with Your Tasty Life joins Real Milwaukee with six affordable superfoods that will put you on the fast track to wellness.

Super Food: Broccoli
• Good source of vitamin K and calcium, two vital nutrients for maintaining strong, healthy bones. ● Toss chopped on salads, pizza and wraps
• ↓ cancer causing compounds ● Steam, roast or frozen options
• ½ cup of broccoli is one serving ● Add to scrambled eggs

Super Food: Cilantro
• Antimicrobial and heavy metal chelation factors of cilantro have led use in many "detoxification" juices and drinks. ¼ cup is a serving.
• Pairs well with Mexican, Mediterranean or Thai dishes
• Protects skin against UV B radiation ● Topping for soups, salads and eggs
• Lowers anxiety & improves sleep ● Creamy vegetable dips.

Super Food: Blueberries
• More antioxidants that 40 other common fruits & vegetable
• ↓ Heart Disease, cancer prevention ● Smoothies
• Protect your brain against inflammation ● Snack on & freeze bite sized' popsicles'.

Super Food: Cabbage
• ↓ risk of cancer, ↓ inflammation and even a ↓ risk of death from heart disease
• Cruciferous vegetables contain a compound called glucosinolate, which can help stimulate the production of enzymes in the liver that aid in detoxification.
• Cabbage soup, cabbage wraps,
cabbage with meat dishes

Super Food: Tea
• Protects your brain and arteries.
• Theanine and caffeine in tea helped drinkers perform better.
• For benefits, the type of tea doesn`t matter either, as long as it`s brewed from tea leaves and drank regularly. Brew 2-5 cups daily.
• To reap tea`s best benefits, skip the teabags and use leaves.

Super Food: Olive Oil
• ↓ lousy LDL cholesterol &  healthy HDL cholesterol
• Fights mood disorders and depression
• Include at least 1 tablespoon in daily diet
• Look for virgin, extra virgin and cold-pressed or expeller-pressed oils, which are extracted by pressing alone. Solvents and heat used to product light or extra light oils destroy antioxidants.