Preserve your summer memories by turning them into art

MILWAUKEE -- Rocks, seashells, maps and more. Kids have a tendency to save everything! Andrea Khan with The Family Backpack shows some ways you can can turn all those souvenirs from your summer trips into something meaningful.

About The Family Backpack (website)

While planning our family vacations over the last decade, I combed through hundreds of family travel blogs and, in the end, wished there was one place – one site – that was easy to search and contained the best of these posts.

And so I created one.

The Family Backpack takes the best family travel blogs and makes the curated content searchable. It enables busy parents to plan family vacations – both domestically and internationally – much faster and easier while still feeling like they put some time into their vacation research.

I first ventured out of the country to France in high school and I have been traveling ever since. Now with a husband and three school-aged kids, I have 32 countries and 30-plus states under my belt. I still have a lot of the planet to explore and adventures to experience – and I can’t wait to do so with my family!

I often use the expression with my family – and some of my close friends – “wheels up.” To me, this means to keep moving and growing, whether it’s out the door on a regular Tuesday morning or into the world with the desire to experience something different. This is what I wish for myself, my family and for you.

However, as much as I enjoy planning trips, it can also be an overwhelming and a time-sucking experience. No parent has the time to troll the Internet for 20 hours to research a vacation.

I hope the Family Backpack inspires you to travel with your family, explore new places and head off the beaten path occasionally just to make life more interesting. Whether you drive 45 minutes away from where you live or fly across the world, I would love to hear about it.