Overcome your fears and get what you want in life, but how? Expert weighs in

MILWAUKEE -- Is fear holding you back from getting what you really want? Tiffany Miller of Live In Bloom joins Real Milwaukee with some advice on what you can do to overcome that fear and achieve your goals.

About Live In Bloom (website)

Greetings! I'm Tiffany, the creative healing arts owner of Live In Bloom. I am a mother, poet, writer, teacher, spoken word artist, visual artist and the owner of FlyBlooms, a handmade adornments boutique. In June 2015, I earned my creative life coaching certification through The Academy of Creative Coaching. I am passionate about guiding others to turn their dreams into attainable goals. Here's what I know for sure. This life is always moving forward whether you are ready or not. You can either be active or resistant to that forward progression. Choose to be active. Choose to move forward. Choose to heal. Choose to dream. Choose to grow. Choose to LIVE IN BLOOM.

I am here as a life coach, a creative, and a healer to empower you to accomplish your goals faster with passion and purpose.