Need a little spark: Some ways to cultivate your confidence and lead a happier life

MILWAUKEE -- Would you like to be happier, more confident, and finally discover your purpose in life? Aleta Norris, author of "Women Who Spark" joins Real Milwaukee to help you do just that.

Author and life coach Aleta Norris knows what it's like to juggle all of the balls of a successful life and manage the whirlwind of contemporary womanhood.
Inspired by her own experiences as a single mother and busy professional for nearly two decades, Aleta will show you how to create a life you love, defined by:
• Turning an overwhelming to-do list into an exciting roadmap
• Transforming self-doubt into confidence and certainty
• Trading difficulties for a clear understanding of your purpose

Catapult your happiness, cultivate your confidence, and discover your purpose. It`s not too late to live a life that is passionately on fire...

It all starts with a SPARK!

Confidence Book Excerpt:

We can't talk about happiness without talking about confidence. Deep, real, authentic happiness requires confidence. Without it, happiness rests on the surface. It is fleeting and fragile. If you lack confidence, your happiness may feel forced and fake. You know, the kind where you put your best foot forward. You smile because you should.

When you choose to become authentically confident, everyone around you benefits. We miss the real you if you are not able to shine and to be on fire about your purpose in the world. Your confidence and happiness are gifts to everyone around you.

If you struggle in this area, you are not alone. Many women lack confidence and it can make them feel like they`re failing no matter how much they`ve accomplished in life.

Six confidence busters and ten confidence cultivators:

Confidence Busters:
1. You are overwhelmed.
2. You grapple with guilt or shame.
3. You have given others permission to hurt you.
4. You compare yourself to others.
5. You are caught up in a whirlwind of disappointment.
6. You feel like you`re not good enough.

Confidence Cultivators:
1. You view confidence as a journey.
2. You post daily affirmations.
3. You take small steps.
4. You keep your social media posts in perspective.
5. You manage your self-talk.
6. You focus on others.
7. You accept that some fear, insecurity, and self-doubt are normal.
8. You keep in mind that everyone is afraid.
9. You do something to get yourself unstuck.
10. You create your own definition of who you are and what your life is.