Milwaukee firefighters are out with a new calendar for a good cause

MILWAUKEE -- Smokin' -- that's the only way to describe this calendar. Joe Flick with Ignite the Spirit in Milwaukee and fellow firefighter Brian Cox join Real Milwaukee to talk about their organization and upcoming fundraiser.

About Ignite the Spirit (website)

Ignite the Spirit is an ongoing charity that was created to raise funds for Milwaukee’s Firefighters and their families in times of need.

Our vision to provide emotional, physical, and monetary support to those who have had an unfortunate hardship, will be accomplished thru organizing and hosting several fundraising events throughout the year, while also partnering with other non-profit organizations and local businesses. 100% of donations intended for benevolence, will be used for that purpose. All members of Ignite The Spirit- Milwaukee are unpaid volunteers.

We are a 501(c) (3) organization, built by a group of Milwaukee Firefighters. We are in place to assist those who have built their lives around helping others. In 2017, multiple members of the Milwaukee Fire Department were in need of help that couldn’t formally be given by anyone other than their fellow Firefighters. While many answered the call, this fund is an attempt to be proactive in fundraising so that we may offer immediate assistance when called upon.

Firefighters are known for going great lengths to help others in need. Ignite the Spirit aims to make sure that none of our Brothers and Sisters are left to battle life’s unjust hardships alone.