Looking to lose weight or tone up? The best ways to accomplish your better body goals

MILWAUKEE -- Looking to lose weight, tone your tummy or sculpt your arms? Each requires a different method. Trainer Royal Ramseur with PUSH Functional Fitness joins Real Milwaukee to lay it all out for us.

About PUSH Functional Fitness (website)

We focus on utilizing functional fitness, core-focused strength training, cardiovascular conditioning and mindful nutrition to help our clients achieve their fitness and nutrition goals. In addition to providing structured workouts, our trainers teach their clients how to burn more calories throughout the day; share healthy recipes and nutrition hacks; and guide you through a well-rounded approach to health and wellness.

PUSH is now offering a personal chef service, courtesy of Milwaukee’s own Simple Eats. If you're tired of meal prepping, too busy to cook your own healthy meals or even just looking for new flavors to add to your diet, Simple Eats has you covered! Each weekly Push-exclusive menu highlights healthy and balanced meals that are each under 500 calories. Diet restrictions? There are plenty of gluten-free, dairy-free, high-protein, vegetarian and vegan meals available. Email Erika for more information on this fun new addition to PUSH’s healthy lifestyle offerings.