Jars full of joy: The creative ways you can gift your homemade canned goods this Christmas

MILWAUKEE -- What's better than a homemade gift at the holidays? Especially if it's something you can eat! Christina Ward joins Real Milwaukee with ways you can jazz up those Mason jars full of everything from pickled veggies to cookie mixes.

Snowman Jar Hat: Cut off the toe of a child`s sock. Hot glue a pom-pom onto the tip of the toe. Place onto jar.

Jingle Jar: Using stretch cord, string jingle bells at even intervals. Place around neck of jar.

Custom labels: Using a die cutter, cut shapes. Hand write or stamp the name of item. Stick onto jar. Or using free templates, create your own custom label.

Layered Winter Scene: Using a wide ribbon, tie bow around middle of jar. Hot glue pine cones into center.

Reindeer & Snowman Jars: Glue googly eyes, pompoms onto jar for eyes and nose. Use pipe cleaner to fashion antlers around band. Use pompoms as buttons and a black ribbon glued around the middle of the jar for a snowman.

Rustic: Using pinking shears and calico fabric, cut a circle twice the diameter of the jar opening. Remove band, center and place over lid, replace band.

For cookie mixes, use template to create a recipe card. Punch hole in corner and tie around neck of jar with complimentary ribbon.