How 'Gouda' is your cheese game? The cheesy competition that pays out cash

MILWAUKEE -- Do you have what it takes to be a grill cheese champion? The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board's 6th annual Grilled Cheese Recipe Showdown is underway -- and Rachel Kerr of the Milk Marketing Board joins Real Milwaukee to tell us all about it.

The Grilled Cheese Recipe Showdown runs through May 14, and entries will be judged not only on taste, but also creativity and presentation. The Gold Award winner will win $15,000 and be crowned the 2017 Grilled Cheese Champion. More than $13,500 in additional cash and bonus prizes will also be awarded throughout the competition.


The Cheesy Charlie

    'Chile' Please Grilled Cheese

      The Moo Moo Magic

        “The Shaft & Shake” 

          Butter one side of each piece of Texas Toast. Sprinkle one of the buttered sides with the  grated parmesan, and press it into the butter so it sticks. Place that side down in heated frying pan. Place Colby - Pepperjack slice onto bread… then take 4-6 nickel-sized dollops of goat cheese and place them on top of the slice of cheese. Then take sliced avocado and “fan” it out on the sandwich. Then place layer of bacon on top of the avocado. Then place the slice of cheddar cheese on top of the bacon. And finally place other piece of bread on top, butter side up. Cook on medium heat… you don’t want it too hot because you want to give the cheese  a chance to melt before the bread is toasted. Once parmesan cheese and bread are a nice golden/orange’ish color… sprinkle parmesan on the top piece of the bread, pressing it into the butter… then flip, quickly! Let cook until second side is that beautiful “orangey” color, too! Remove, cut, enjoy!