Gifts of gratitude: Some gift ideas for teachers that have a homemade touch

MILWAUKEE -- Chances are you've thought about gifts for you family and friends, but what about your kids' teachers? Local blogger Sarah Vanderkooy joins Real Milwaukee with some simple gifts your kids can help you make.

1) Coffee themed gift card holder. Gift cards to a place the teacher enjoys are always a big hit. The template for this card can be printed and kids can help decorate it for their teacher.
2) Mason jar painted and decorated like an apple and filled with teacher's favorite candy or treat.
3) Hand soap or sanitizer with a card that reads "I'm in good hands with you"
4) Cookies with a card that reads "Thanks for helping me become one smart cookie"
5) Plant (flower or herb) with a card that reads "thank you for helping me grow"
6) Extra gum with a card that reads "thanks for going the extra mile"