Getting in shape: The 12 exercises you can do right from your living room

MILWAUKEE -- Getting fit is a goal for many people in the new year -- but making it to the gym doesn't always happen. Erika Gudgeon of PUSH Functional Fitness joins Real Milwaukee with a workout that you can do right at home.

The workout includes 12 exercises. You do the first exercise once, then repeat it and do the second exercise twice, and so on.

1. Minute Jumping Jacks
2. Diamond Push Ups
3. Jump Squats
4. Push Up to Side Plank
5. Supermen
6. Pop Ups
7. Crunch to Leg Lower
8. Burpees
9. Tricep Dips
10. Ski Jumps
11. Plank Up Jacks
12. Alternating Forward Spring Lunges