Garden in a shoe box?! 101 outdoor adventures that will keep you kids busy all summer long

MILWAUKEE -- Make this summer an adventure! Stacy Tornio and her son Jack join Real Milwaukee to talk about their new book "101 Outdoor Adventures to Have Before You Grow Up."

Jack, who is 15 now, helped his mom write "101 Outdoor Adventures To Have Before You Grow Up," when he was 14.
The book has 14 chapters, filled with activities and ideas in categories like camping, gardening, hiking, traveling, biking, fishing, beaching, creating and more.
Activities include conquering a rock wall, going ziplinging, create a geocache of your favorite nature hangout, camping without a tend, inventing your own s'more, growing a bird garden and much more.

The garden in a box can be done in a shoe box.
It's a good project for kids and growing things like herbs and microgreens.

Jack's sister created the recipe for mud slime.
Mud Slime Recipe