Find something unique: KitschëCoo is a gift shop & art studio located in Greendale

MILWAUKEE --  KitschëCoo Art & Craft Shed is part craft classroom, part consignment shop and part art studio.  KitschëCoo is a Gift Shop and Art Studio located in the Historic Village of Greendale. Currently featuring over 70 local Artist's handmade items for sale in the are sure to find something unique here.

KitschëCoo (website)

KitscheCoo began in 2008 as a small Etsy shop featuring handmade items by owner, Eleni Pavlopoulos. But really, the concept began years before that. Eleni and her sister, Marina had been participating in Art/Craft shows for nearly 15 years. It was merely a hobby that the girls hoped in time, would somehow become their full time profession.