Fall in love with your emotions: Life coach helps provide meaning to all your feelings

MILWAUKEE -- February -- it's a month of love and feelings. But if you're not in a good place, some of your emotions can seem challenging to love. But self-empowerment coach, Nicole Isler, joins Real Milwaukee to help you change that.

Positive emotions make a positive impact on your physiology - balance the body, ease the breath, regulate the heart rhythm, produce endorphins, etc.

Negative emotions impact physiology negatively - erratic heart rhythm, shortness of breath, tension, etc.

Things people can do to get over their negative feelings:

1. Understand that it`s not a bad thing to experience a negative feeling. (There`s a reason for it, to help you realize or recognize something that`s not a match for you.)

2. Notice what you`re feeling. (It helps you get present in your body and tune into your thoughts, where you are fixating. Steps 1 and 2 also help you honor how you`re feeling.)

3. Choose a better feeling thought. (Don`t spend time worrying or stressing about the negative feeling, just choose a better feeling thought. 'What would make me feel a little bit better right now?' Shift your focus to what would feel better to think about, take action on or what you can do something about.)