Ever wish you were happier? 5 ways to train your brain to think good thoughts

MILWAUKEE -- Did you know that the average person has 70,000 thoughts per day? How are you using yours? Life coach Tiffany Miller joins Real Milwaukee with five exercise you can do to train your brain for happiness and success.

5 exercises to train your brain: 

1. Ruminating or Problem Solving - If you are stuck in the same rut or experiencing and obstacle, ask yourself " Am I focused on the obstacle or the solution?" Go back to the plan or create a new plan to problem solve.

2. Self to Self Conversation - I describe life coaching sessions as a series of questions that you've probably asked yourself a million times and now it's time to answer them to move forward. Talk to yourself like you would talk to your best friend. I can. I am.

3. Name Your Emotions - Express yourself in beautiful and difficult moments. If you are not fine, deal with that. If you are happy, rejoice in that. You don't to let the world know but you also don't need to contain your emotions. It's healthier to let it out in public or private.

4. Weigh Your Options - Consider what is best for you with rational thinking. People don't make the best decisions when our emotions are running high. Create a list of pros and cons, read it over, then decide.

5. Gratitude - Gratitude is a common theme in each segment. It's link to happiness. Studies show people who express gratitude are 25% more happier. Get some more happy in your life by training your brain to look for the good.