Don't stop it, swap it: Healthier alternatives to try when you're craving your favorite junk food

MILWAUKEE -- Looking for a way to offset everything you'll eat on Thanksgiving? Sign up for the Drumstick Dash! The 5K takes place on Thanksgiving Day at Miller Park. Don't have the appetite for an entire 5K? There's also a half Drumstick -- which is about 1.55 miles.

Of course you can also make some minor changes to get back on track after you indulge in Thanksgiving dinner. Kyle Beyer wiht Kroger joins Real Milwaukee with some simple, healthier snack swaps.

If your diet has gone a little off track recently, getting back in a groove doesn't have to be hard.  Some simple swaps can make a difference in your diet.
You could try swapping potato chips for popcorn or juice and soda for sparkling water.  Craving something sweet?  Try dried fruits.  And -- make sure you stick to the right portion size!

By the way, if you're on the go and looking for a healthier alternative to keep you from giving into a favorite snack, you could try Kroger's OptUp app.