Create the look: Decor that speaks to what Thanksgiving is all about

MILWAUKEE -- A Thanksgiving table-scape that speaks to the thread of the fabric of our lives -- friends and family. Collin Falvey with Collin O’Brien Event & Designs joins Real Milwaukee with decor to elevate your Thanksgiving dinner.

Project #1) No-Sew Quilted Runner

Like building a house, you must start with a solid foundation before embellishing the walls. Whether you decided to break out the sewing machine or the glue-gun, this easy DIY table runner is a great craft for all ages!

Pro-Tip: If you`ve never made a quilt before or need some basic inspiration, you could give your grandmother a call this week, or head over to Pintrest and search 'Quilt Patterns/Templates' for a how-to guide for arranging the geometric shapes.

Project #2) Bespoke Bobbins

Playing off the theme of Family and Friends being the Thread...why not create some oversized Bobbins for a great conversation piece around the table!

Pro-Tip: If you`re looking to use these pieces year after year, drill a screw through both ends and paint over them.

Project #3) Lovely Looms

A hot trend this holiday season is implementing rings into your holiday décor. In the spirit of the holidays, we thought we`d put our spin on the trend by swapping out a ring for a Loom.

Pro-Tip: You can display these Looms as a Wall Hanging, Door Wreath, or like a Chandelier above the dining room table.