Could you use some help cooking? Appropriate tasks, tools for kids of all ages

MILWAUKEE -- Cooking with a child pulling at your leg can be a pain -- so why not get them cooking too? Registered dietitian Erica Cleven joins Real Milwaukee with her cut Goddaughter to help get your kids in on the action.

Ages 2-3:
Washing produce
Tearing up lettuce and herbs
Kneading dough
Brushing oil with pastry brush
Rolling dough
Squeezing lemons and limes
Ages 4-5
Using measuring spoons
Forming evenly sized patties
Breaking eggs
Rinsing grains and beans
Ages 6-7
Grating cheese
Slicing and scooping out avocados
Forming cookies
Pouring liquids
Skewering food
Ages 8-9
Using a pizza cutter
Using a can opener
Scooping batter into muffin cups