Creating color-changing cocktails

While you wait for the flowers to bloom, bring the color to your cocktail! Author and cocktail historian Jeanette Hurt shows us a spring spin on two classic cocktails.

Color-Changing Gin & Tonic
2 oz. color changing gin like Empress or Scapegrace
4 oz. tonic water like Top Note
Squeeze of lime

Pour gin and tonic into a Collins glass with ice, squeeze lime, stir and enjoy.

Color-Changing Spring Daiquiri
2 oz. rum
3/4 oz. lime juice
3/4 oz. butterfly pea tea simple syrup
Orange bitters
Glass: Rocks or Collins
Garnish: lime or cherry

Place rum and lime juice and bitters into cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake for 10 seconds, then strain into glass filled with ice. Pour syrup on top, stir gently, watch colors change, add garnish and enjoy.

Butterfly Pea Tea Simple Syrup
2 tablespoons looseleaf butterfly pea tea
1 cup hot water
1 cup sugar

Stir all ingredients together until sugar is dissolved. Let sit for 10 to 20 minutes, strain tea leaves out.