A cheesy celebration: The 5 things you need to make the perfect grilled cheese

MILWAUKEE -- It's National Grilled Cheese Day! Tina Tonn of the Gouda Girls joins Real Milwaukee with some tips on making a "grate" grilled cheese.

1: Great Bread! Every sandwich should always start with a wonderful bread
2: Know your cheeses!!!! Some of our favorite cheeses are aged cheeses, realize that they take longer to melt, and a mozzarella will take less time and have great stretch factor.
3: Butter your bread from edge to edge, like a blanket, if you don`t have a good light blanket of butter your sandwiches won`t brown evenly.
4: A good nonstick pan and flipper, spatula, turner .... whatever you wish to call it.
5: one must have PATIENCE, keep it at a medium low heat and take it nice and slow, no need to rush, make it a pretty lil sandwich