Deff-initely Milwaukee: Bridging the digital divide with MPS Foundation's Wendell Willis

MILWAUKEE -- Just three months ago, COVID-19 forced schools across Wisconsin to shut down and shift to distance learning. How do you make the move to online schooling when many of your 78,000 students don't have access to the internet and 80% are economically disadvantaged?

That was the challenge facing Milwaukee Public Schools amid the pandemic and it's something Wendell Willis is still focusing on.

In this episode of Deff-initely Milwaukee, Carl Deffenbaugh talks with the Executive Director of the MPS Foundation.

As the former Chief Operating Officer for the district, Willis explains the way MPS got food, materials, and technology to students most in need. The pair also talk about the #ConnectMilwaukee program that aims to level the playing field by providing high-speed WiFi to students, and training and support to teachers.

Plus, in the midst of protests over racial injustice, Willis shares his message for young demonstrators and his own experiences as a black man coaching soccer in the suburbs.

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