'Your buddy wants to be by your side:' WHS, MADACC team up to discourage lengthy tethering of dogs outside

MILWAUKEE -- Officials with the Wisconsin Humane Society and Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission are teaming up to encourage you to bring your pets inside, and limit the amount of time dogs are tied up outside by their owners.

According to a news release from these animal advocates, having dogs tied up outdoors for a few hours can be great, but according to animal welfare experts, dogs tied outside alone for the majority of the day are at risk of injury, depression, aggression and psychological issues.

“Dogs are highly social and intelligent animals that need to be with their people. Although not everyone can have a fence where they live, using a tether for long periods of time is not only depressing and frustrating for a dog, but dangerous to their health and well-being,” said Karen Sparapani, executive director at MADACC in the release.

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In an effort to educate dog owners, Wisconsin Humane Society and MADACC officials have posted information on the dangers of tethering, the emotional needs of dogs and steps to bring your dog inside on their websites and social media pages. They also have flyers available at their locations.

“We know that people love their dogs, and we want to be a resource for those struggling to bring their often young, untrained, exuberant dogs inside, so we are sharing great information to help people solve those issues. Ultimately, your buddy just wants to be part of the family, by your side. We’re here to help make that happen,” said Angela Speed, vice president of communications at WHS in the release.

WHS and MADACC officials have offered the following information to help dog owners:

Some of the problems with long-term tethering:

    8 tips to transition your dog to indoor comfort at any age:

      Other resources can be found HERE (WHS website) and HERE (MADACC website).