Young boy’s emotional Facebook video about bullying goes viral

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - A young boy's emotional video about another round of bullying he endured is going viral.

Keaton Jones, a middle school student, tearfully explained how he was bullied to his mother and asks why people bully others. She caught the moment on video:

One of the first to respond to the video was the Tennessee Titans' Delanie Walker, who reached out to Jones and his mother on Twitter Saturday with words of encouragement and an offer of tickets to a Titans game. Walker said that he hoped to raise awareness to bullying in schools.

However, Walker was not the last to reach out, as Jones' story has touched many.

Avengers' star Chris Evans reached out to Jones via Twitter, inviting him and his mother to the premiere of the new Avengers' film next summer:

Cleveland Cavaliers' players J.R. Smith and LeBron James were among some of the others to respond, with Smith saying that Jones should come out to a game when the Cavaliers play in Memphis.

The hashtag "#StandWithKeaton" was trending for a period this weekend and has evoked thousands of responses.

Singer Katy Perry and NBA legend Bill Russell also responded with tweets, urging people to be kind to one another and spread Keaton's story: