WWE Champion surprises special fan

MILWAUKEE – Wrestlers from the World Wrestling Entertainment, or WWE, will be making a stop in Milwaukee this Sunday for the “Elimination Chamber.”  One champion, however, arrived early to surprise a special fan.

Making his rounds on morning radio and TV Friday morning, WWE Champion Phillip Brooks, better known as CM Punk, took time out of the ring to meet fan Rhiannon Patz at the FM 102.1 studios. “I just got an email and I didn't know what to expect today,” Patz said.

Patz thought she picking up tickets she won to see a wrestling show, but instead, she got to meet one of WWE’s top stars. “Got his autograph and I got front row seats to this Sunday's match,” Patz said.

Patz and her dad are huge wrestling fans.  Now, they'll get to sit ringside and see Punk and others in action.  Her story caught his attention. “I have tattoo of grey ribbon for brain cancer and then the words ‘never give up.’  It’s one of John Cena's sayings,” Patz said.

Patz worked as a bartender in Milwaukee.  Last year, she and another Good Samaritan were hit by a car while trying to help someone else that was struck in front of the bar.  While in the hospital, doctors discovered she had Stage Four brain cancer.

It was her story of strength that made the wrestler offer a helping hand.

“If I can bring a smile to their face or take them to an event and take their mind off whatever problems they had, show them a good time, I jump on the chance to do that,” CM Punk said.

“Very shocked.  Just super cool guy, very nice,” Patz said.

It's been at least 10 years since Patz and her father have been to a wrestling event.

“I'm excited to see all the wrestlers this Sunday,” Patz said.

“I know, Sunday, she'll be screaming her head off,” Punk said.

You can be sure they'll be there in fighting shape, cheering on the man who noticed her fight with an untreatable disease. “We'll be out there waving her tattoo.  I'll hold it up for him,” Patz's father said.