Would-be carjackers mess with the wrong woman: A mom, with her kids in the backseat of her car

HIALEAH, Florida -- Some would-be carjackers messed with the wrong woman. They tried to steal a mother's car -- with her two young children inside. This mother wasn't having it -- and the incident was caught on camera.

Surveillance video shows two men sprinting across the Tom Thumb gas station parking lot. They are then seen attempting to carjack a woman who was pumping gas.

The woman locked herself inside her vehicle.

The men are then seen trying to carjack a woman in a red vehicle.

Both men got into the car -- one in the driver's seat, and one in the passenger's seat.

The victim, a mother with her two children in the vehicle can be seen in the video fighting back -- ripping a ski mask off one of the suspects.

"She was a mom -- and what that bad guy didn't know was in the backseat of that car were two kids -- and she wasn't going to let them be taken. She fought. She dragged the guy out of the car and they both ran away like cowards," Carl Zogby with the Hilaleah Police Department said.

Police say the would-be carjackers, Juan Carlos Gonzalez and Nicholas Rosado ran to a getaway car driven by Rebecca Utria.

Their high-speed getaway was caught the attention of a Hialeah police officer.

"A Hialeah police patrolman who had no idea of what had just happen sees this car speeding, and follows the car. The car ends up crashing against a fence," Zogby said.

All three suspects were arrested and booked on charges of attempted carjacking and fleeing police.

The judge has ordered all three suspects to stay away from the two women they are accused of trying to carjack -- if the post bond in this case.

The suspects are each being held on $25,000 bond.