Worker critically hurt in accident in downtown Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- A worker for private landscaping company KEI was critically hurt early Monday, October 15th when he was stringing cable for a future holiday light installation over W. Wisconsin Avenue at Milwaukee Street.

The worker was stringing the cable around 12:40 a.m. One cable was dangling over the roadway when it became entangled on a passing bus. Subsequently, the worker’s leg became ensnared in the cable and the leg was severed.

The worker remains in critical condition.

"It was just a horrible, horrible accident," Chris Kujawa, vice president of KEI or Kujawa Enterprises Incorporated said.

Kujawa said when he heard about the accident, he went to the scene while his brother, who also works for the company, headed to the hospital to visit the injured worker.

"He was making jokes about coming back to work. He's a nice guy -- a sweet guy," Kujawa said.

Kujawa held a company-wide meeting following Monday morning's incident to let the staff know what had happened, and to also share with them the role that their co-workers played in helping out the victim.

"I mean, imagine yourself being part of that situation. Thinking quickly to keep the man calm, apply a turniquet, get 911, etcetera. They did a great job. They probably saved (the man's) life," Kujawa said.

Kujawa says he's hopeful the worker will be able to recover as quickly as possible.

"Once he gets through the recovery process he'll probably start looking forward and moving forward. Quite honestly, that's the kind of guy he is," Kujawa said.

The worker grew up in the South Milwaukee area and has been a veteran landscaper and was part of the company's safety team. The company is offering counseling to their employees and all the support they can to the victim and his family.

Jacqueline Janz with the Milwaukee County Transit System issued the following statement in regards to the incident: "Milwaukee County Transit System's thoughts are with the individual who was injured early this morning. We will continue to assist MPD with their investigation in any way possible."