Work continues along I-41 and I-43 corridors

Construction is really picking up. Jason Roselle from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation joins FOX6 WakeUp with the details. 

Work continues on a number of projects along the I-41 and I-43 corridors.

  • Within the Zoo Interchange North Leg Project I-41 North is reduced to two lanes as construction continues on the new UPRR Bridge over I-41. The I-41 North exit to Burleigh Street has reopened to traffic.
  • The I-43 URT project is going well and the contractors are making good progress out there.  Traffic is still in two lanes both Northbound and Southbound. 
  • The I-43 North-South Project is making progress reconstructing several bridges over I-43 North-South, with two lanes open in each direction.
  • Due to holiday work restrictions no work will take place from noon on Friday, May 27 through 6 AM Tuesday, May 31 but long-term lane closures will remain in place.
  • If you are traveling north for the Memorial Day weekend, plan for an additional 15-20 minutes of drive time as you navigate through lane closures on I-41 and I-43.