Women targeting beauty supply stores on north side for thefts

MILWAUKEE -- Police say a woman ran off with beauty supplies from at least two north side stores. They say she had a plan, and wasn't working alone. What she didn't count on, was a security system that caught video of the woman in action.

The manager of the Beauty Supply Shop on 76th Street says enough is enough. He says stores on his block keep getting hit, and showed FOX6 the security video from this latest incident, hoping it'll deter other criminals.

Don Kang says one of his biggest sellers inside his shop is hair. "It's kind of expensive, but it's the best hair out there," Kang said.

Wednesday, Kang found himself and one of his employees in a particularly hairy situation. Kang says two females came into the shop early Wednesday morning and checked out the store. "They didn't find anything they wanted, so they left. One of the ladies came back in, and she distracted one of my workers. I went into the back and got the hair, and she wanted to look at a couple of my hairs, and I showed her," Kang said.

While the suspect was distracting the store employees, she had no idea every action was being captured by a new security system. "She grabbed the hair and she ran," Kang said.

Kang says the woman flew through the front door and into the parking lot, and then hopped into her friend's waiting car off camera, with about $150 in product.

Kang called Milwaukee police. "Five minutes later, police came, and while he was interviewing me, he got another call saying the same person with the same license plate number hit another store," Kang said. That store is another beauty supply shop down 76th Street towards Silver Spring Drive. "It isn't the first time it's happened. It happened here a few times, and it happened in other stores, but no one has really taken to this action," Kang said.

Kang hopes with his security system and your help, further larceny by these ladies can be prevented. "The best thing is to put them on the news, and let them know we are doing whatever we can to stop this," Kang said.

Police are looking for a vehicle with the Wisconsin license plate 998-SZU. If you have any information into any of these theft incidents, you're asked to call Milwaukee police at 414-935-7243.