Woman's hobby as cat photographer turns into business

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- What started out as a bit of a joke has turned into a career for one Milwaukee woman.

"It doesn't feel like a job, it just feels like I'm having fun," said artist and photographer Kate Anderson or "Kate Funk" as she's known in the art world.

Her muse is AC -- a seven-year-old cat she adopted from a shelter.

"When people ask me what I do, it's always weird to tell them I'm a cat photographer," said Funk.

It all started with a birthday card for a friend. That card caught the attention of the owner of a stationary shop. Greeting cards eventually became calendars.

"The first year we did 75 calendars and this year we did 3,000," said Funk.

Funk and AC even landed a book deal not that long ago.

Every photo shoot is a do-it-yourself project. From the creation to the costumes, to the building of the sets, Funk is always on the job.

"I didn't expect that this was going to happen at all," said Funk.

AC on the other hand, has the easy job. While Funk preps, he acts like... well, a model.