Woman violently attacked in Wauwatosa in broad daylight

WAUWATOSA (WITI) -- A woman was violently attacked -- punched more than 20 times in the face -- as she walked through a Wauwatosa neighborhood. It happened in broad daylight late Monday morning, February 10th.

It happened near 75th and Maple around 11:30 a.m.

"This is a wonderful neighborhood. I'm not at all concerned about safety in this neighborhood," Angela Ebeling, who lives in the neighborhood said.

The attack late Monday morning is surprising to neighbors.

"It was not the middle of the night, so it is an unusual thing," Ebeling said.

Police squads and other emergency crews filled the area on Monday afternoon.

According to a police report, a woman walking form a nearby bus stop was approached by a dark colored vehicle. Suddenly, a man she did not know jumped out of the passenger side and ran toward her, demanding her purse.

The police report says the woman refused, and held on tight. The suspect then grabbed the purse with one hand and punched the woman in the face more than 20 times.

The victim says he used a closed fist with a phone charger in his hand, and the victim said the attack lasted more than three minutes.

The suspect eventually got away with the purse.

It is a crime that has neighbors keeping a close eye on one another as the investigation continues.

"I know that anything can happen anytime, so you always have to be careful," Ebeling said.

The victim describes the vehicle as a navy blue older model Buick or Oldsmobile. Part of the license plate read 816.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police.