Woman threatened for Facebook post she didn't write

MILWAUKEE -- A former Wisconsin woman is being threatened and harassed from people around the world for a single Facebook; a post she didn't even write.

Holley Biffle is not laughing about the now-deleted and phony Facebook page.

"My real picture, and my real name, but with a fake status--with my friend`s real picture, her real name, and her fake comment," said Biffle.

The former Pleasant Prairie resident's fake status read, "I caught my son walking home with the gay kid from across the street. My hand and his butt are going to be sore for the rest of the night."

"My identity is, now, out there as this terrible person that abuses my child, supposedly, and I`m a homophobe, and clearly, none of that`s true," said Biffle.

What is true, Biffle explains, are the hostile responses she's received; condemning the post for which she is not responsible. Biffle says the threats of physical violence and a Facebook post which includes her address forced her to contact police.

Zion Police Chief Wayne Brooks says his department takes such talk very seriously.

"We're gonna continue to follow-up, any time she calls. We're gonna continue (with) some extra patrols if that's necessary," said Chief Brooks.

Brooks says Biffle has taken the proper precautions in documenting her experience and getting in touch with police when the threats got physical.

In the meantime, Biffle says she's finished with all social media.