Woman says she found bugs in her Wendy's baked potato: "I was instantly disgusted"

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana -- The Health Department is investigating a claim from a woman who says she found bugs in a baked potato she ordered from Wendy's.

Raeshawn Andrew calls the situation a nightmare, and says she wants the restaurant to be held accountable.

Andrew says she eats at the Wendy's restaurant in Castleton, a heavily commercialized neighborhood surrounding the original southern terminus of Interstate 69 on the northeast side of Indianapolis, once or twice a week because it's close to work.

On Wednesday, January 20th, Andrew said she ordered her usual baked potato -- and as she was eating it, she says she saw bugs underneath the potato.


Andrew was offered a refund -- but she then called the Marion County Health Department.

An inspector on Friday found no bug-related violations at the restaurant, but didn't dismiss Andrew's claim.

The store's owner, Ohio-based Cedar Enterprises, says what Andrew found was cooked sprouts from the potato -- but Andrew disagrees.

"There’s antennas. There’s legs. These are bugs. I picked it up to hold it to show it to her and there were two more bugs right next to each other. I’m like, I dropped it. I was instantly disgusted," said Andrew.

Health Department officials say there's no history of pest or bug violations at the restaurant.