Woman says burglar used her shower, sat on her couch naked

DENVER, Colo. - A Denver woman feels uncomfortable and violated after a man broke into her apartment, used her shower, sat on her couch naked and watched pornography on her TV.

Hannah Jones said she woke up early Sunday morning to her two dogs barking relentlessly inside her apartment. When she got up to investigate, she found the dogs had corned a stranger in her guest bedroom.

"He said he needed to shower," Jones told KDVR. "I kind of froze and was just like... I didn't know what to say."

As the man rinsed off, Jones contacted police and neighbors and got out of the apartment.

When police arrived, Jones said they went into the apartment and saw the man sitting naked on her couch masturbating to pornography on her TV. Jones said police showed her a bag of women's underwear the burglar had been carrying with him.

"The situation felt uncomfortable," said Jones.

The Denver Police Department confirmed Sunday officers arrested a man related to the incident.

Jones said she plans to purchase a security system to protect herself moving forward.