Woman learns she's pregnant with triplets after husband's death: "Three more smiles to remind me of him"

GREEN OAKS, Illinois -- An Illinois woman who lost her husband in a crash found out she's pregnant on the day of her husband's wake. And there was an even bigger surprise to come.

"I don't know if you remember the snowstorm of 2011..." Courtney Hill said.

Hill sure does.

That's the day she met Brian, the man who would be her husband.

"Timothy O'Toole's in Gurnee," Hill said.

Brian and Courtney would marry, and have a child.

Six weeks ago, Brian died in a trucking accident in Oklahoma.

"I haven't had a chance to think what is really happening -- and it's happening fast," Hill said.

Brian was a retired, decorated Navy corpsman.

"Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait," Hill said.

Just before Brian died...

"We had been trying to have another baby," Hill said.

On the day of Brian's wake, Courtney took a pregnancy test.

"I was able to hold his hand, and (tell him I was pregnant at his wake)," Hill said.

Two weeks ago, there were some complications.

"We were frightened that she was losing the baby," Oscar Blomgren, Courtney's father said.

At the hospital...

"She said 'Dad I have news for you,'" Blomgren said.

"(The doctor) said 'honey, you're pregnant with triplets,'" Hill said.

"I went 'what?!' Almost fell off the chair," Blomgren said.

"I'm excited to have three more smiles that remind me of him," Hill said.

"I just feel sorry that Brian won't be able to see them. I guess maybe he will see them," Blomgren said.