Woman creates old-fashioned "Missed Connection" to find "Ben"

(FOX) -- A missed connection has one Virginia woman hoping for a fairytale ending. She has scattered signs all across the city of Alexandria, in the hopes of finding her Prince Charming.

The woman's name is Courtney -- and on the top of her resolution list for 2014 is finding "Ben."

"He is probably early to mid-30s. White male with brown hair, a beard, brown eyes, average build, slightly athletic," Courtney said.

The two met on December 23rd at the Light Horse in Old Town Alexandria. Courtney says they chatted for hours.

"Religion, faith, morality, culture and how you define a culture and a society. Definitely not things that you just randomly talk to someone about in a bar," Courtney said.

Then, Courtney left with her friends -- without exchanging numbers.

Now, in this day of online dating and digital networking, Courtney resorted to the oldest tool of romance -- the pen and paper.

"I printed off about 75 (signs), and I think I got about 60 up -- all down King Street," Courtney said.

The signs, posted all over town, have tugged on the heart-strings of passersby.

"I think it's romantic. It's like an old-fashioned 'Missed Connection' -- like on Craigslist. You don't usually see that kinda thing anymore," one passerby said.

Many took pictures of the "looking for love" note, and posted them on Facebook and Twitter.

In a week, Courtney's quest has gone viral. #FindBen is now circulating social media.

"I've had a very positive response. A lot of positive phone calls. A lot of positive voicemails and very positive text messages saying 'I really hope you find him. Good luck,'" Courtney said.

Followers were hoping for a movie-like New Year's Eve reunion -- but midnight came and still, no Ben -- but no regrets from Courtney.

"I don't know the ending, and if nothing came of it, then I'm okay with that, and I accept that," Courtney said.

One more clue about Ben that Courtney says she remembers is that she grew up in western Maryland.

Many restaurants in the area have offered the two a free dinner date.

Courtney says she will only accept if the real Ben shows up.

UPDATE: We learned Thursday afternoon via Twitter that Courtney has apparently found Ben.

CLICK HERE to view the "Find Ben" hashtag on Twitter.