Woman caught on video pulling gun from underwear, opening fire at gas station

DETROIT -- Three people are in custody a day after police released a surveillance video showing a woman pull a gun from her underwear and open fire on a driver at a gas station in Detroit over the weekend.

The video shows a woman and a man standing outside a Dodge Charger when a Pontiac Grand Prix pulls into the Mobile gas station around 4 a.m. Sunday. Words are exchanged with the driver and then the woman goes back to the Dodge Charger, appears to grab a gun and tuck it into her underwear.

She then runs to the Grand Prix, appears to shout at the driver and then begins shooting at the open window. Police say the driver was hit several times. During the shooting, the Grand Prix jolts forward, hitting another man who was standing with the woman.

The driver of the Grand Prix was rushed to the hospital where he suffered non-life threatening injuries, according to Click on Detroit. 

Three people, including the woman, were taken into custody thanks to the surveillance video, part of the city's "Project Green Light Detroit" partnership with local gas stations, which led cops to the woman.

“Someone knew her, and there were people already positioning themselves in the community that wanted to reach out and touch us as soon as they saw her picture,” Detroit Police Chief James Craig said.