Woman captures scary moment man tried to enter her car at Indiana stoplight

AVON, Ind. – A woman recorded a terrifying altercation with a man who tried multiple times to get into the passenger side of her car, according to WXIN.

The video was recorded around 7:45 a.m. on Saturday at the intersection of U.S. Route 36 and Dan Jones Road in Avon, Indiana.

The woman was alone in her car, waiting at a stoplight. The video shows a man she didn’t know get out from the passenger seat of the car in front of her, and try to open the passenger side door of her car.

After he realizes the door is locked, he stares into the window and walks back to his car. Instead of driving away, the car backs up and the man gets out again. This goes on for nearly two traffic light cycles.

“Our understanding is that she was unable to maneuver around this individual,” said Brain Nugent, assistant chief of police for the Avon Police Department.

Police have been working with the woman to find out what happened.

“We certainly are just glad she took steps to protect herself," Nugent said. "At that time she was by herself in that vehicle and that individual was targeting her in a pretty aggressive manner as we can tell from the video.”

While investigators don’t know what led up to the incident, they were able to identify the man, who WXIN found to be a registered sex offender, convicted of child exploitation in 2012.

“Investigators did speak with him for a few moments and he chose not to provide a statement about what had taken place,” Nugent said. "It's his right to not provide a statement, so we respect that right.”

Throughout the video, cars can be seen driving by as the scene unfolded, and police are hoping that someone can give another perspective about what took place.

“We're obviously wanting to learn more about what led up to this or if anybody had actually witnessed this,” Nugent said.

The Avon Police Department is asking anyone who may have seen the incident to contact them at 317-272-4485.