Woman accused of having heroin delivered to daycare

MUSKEGO (WITI) -- A Muskego woman faces charges after police say she had heroin delivered to her place of employment -- a Hales Corners preschool.

20-year-old Kiley Cirillo of Muskego faces the following charges: attempt possession of narcotic drugs, possession of a controlled substance (two counts), and possession of drug paraphernalia.

A criminal complaint in the case indicates police were dispatched to the Hales Corners Lutheran Preschool -- Cirillo's place of employment, for a report that a package had been delivered to one of the teachers there containing an illegal drug.

The complaint says an employee who had intercepted the package told police Cirillo told him a friend was to drop off food for Cirillo at the school. When the brown bag from Culver's was dropped off, the criminal complaint says the employee saw an opened box of Sour Patch Kids inside, and found this suspicious. That employee looked into the box, and discovered folded up foil that appeared to contain an illegal drug.

The complaint says that employee told officials Cirillo had admitted to using drugs in the past.

Officers spoke to Cirillo who claimed she did not know what was inside the brown bag -- saying it was most likely the food she had requested, according to the complaint.

The complaint indicates officers searched Cirillo's cell phone, at which time they discovered text messages saying things like: "Do u need some?" and "If you want, I'll give u a shot."

Additionally, the criminal complaint indicates Cirillo told officials there was likely either heroin or percocet in the Sour Patch Kids box.

The criminal complaint says officers searched a nylon bag Cirillo kept at work, and discovered several used needles and other drug paraphernalia.

Cirillo was taken into custody, and told officials she has been using heroin since January, and entered detox in April, and then was clean until May. The criminal complaint says Cirillo told officials she uses heroin due to frustration over family problems. The complaint says Cirillo also had suboxone and xanax without a prescription, which she told officials she uses to cope with the effects of her withdrawal.